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Psychiatric Consultation/Evaluation

Psychiatric Consultation Services Questions and Answers

Psychiatric consultations are available virtually, so you can get the help you need without having to leave the comfort of your home! Book your consultation appointment today.

Psychiatric Consultation Services Near Me in Bakersfield, CA

Psychiatric Consultation Services Near Me in Bakersfield, CA

Table of Contents:

What happens during a psychiatric consultation?
What is a psychiatry consultation?
How do I prepare for a psychiatric appointment?
What is the difference between a therapist, psychologists and psychiatric provider?
When to visit a Psych Provider?

What happens during a psychiatric consultation?

Your first visit with any healthcare provider including our psychiatric provider will always be the longest. This intake appointment is when you will have all of your background information will be gathered and any questions answered to help determine a diagnosis.

Once all of the paperwork and information that is needed has been completed, the psychiatric provider will want to learn more about you and why you are seeking treatment from a psychiatric provider in the first place.

If you do not feel comfortable having a conversation 1-on-1, we understand if you would prefer to bring someone that makes you feel more at ease to the consultation appointment. This is your time, and it’s all about helping you however possible.

What is a psychiatry consultation?

Psychiatric consultations are a comprehensive evaluation of the psychological, biological, medical, and social causes of emotional distress that a patient is dealing with.

A psychiatric consultation is when we begin to understand the source of your problems from various points of view including:

This includes heredity, hormones, nutrition, and physical illness.

This includes any current life stressors, and childhood experiences.

This includes any cultural differences you may be going through, family relationships and prejudice.

Amcu TelePsych, will review your current stressors, any past medical information that may be useful, any psychiatric conditions, necessary medical records, and lab tests to formulate a comprehensive treatment plan.

How do I prepare for a psychiatric appointment?

First, make sure you have any previous medical and psychiatric history readily available. This includes personal and family. Please do your best to include:

– A complete list of all medications you are taking, in addition to any psychiatric medications. We need to know all your medications because some mental health medications have interactions with other medications and may require monitoring blood levels, etc .
– A complete list of any psychiatric medications you may have tried in the past, including how long you took them
– Any medical concerns you may have as well as any diagnoses
– Your family history of psychiatric issues, if there is any
– A copy of your previous psychiatric provider records. Your previous office may forward them to us if you have seen a psychiatric provider in the past.

During your session, you may experience many different emotions, and that’s okay. You may feel the need to cry, be mad, or even be uncomfortable when discussing your concerns. Being as open and honest as possible while sharing your concerns, stories, etc. will help the psychiatric provider learn how best to help you.

In the end, we will work together as a team to create a plan for your future. Treatment plans are individualized and based on the reasons they are visiting the psychiatric provider, case history, what the psychiatric provider notices during the appointment, and more. These options may include

– Medication
– Referrals to a psychotherapist
– Level of care you may need
– Recommended lab tests or procedures

What is the difference between a therapist, psychologists and psychiatric provider?

Psychiatric provider are medical professionals like doctors that may prescribe medication to their patients. They focus on their patient’s bodies and minds together and usually treat patients with a combination of medication, prescriptions, and management.

Psychologists study the individual’s behavior and mental processes. They help their patients to understand and manage different life problems and mental health issues they may be struggling with by diagnosing and treating mental health disorders, learning disabilities, and behavioral issues.

Therapists have a master’s degree and usually provide mental health diagnoses while creating a treatment plan for their patients. Unlike psychiatric provider, therapists cannot prescribe medication to their patients but instead can refer their patients to a psychiatric provider for evaluation for a medications and other treatments.

When to visit a Psych Provider?

The situations below are just a few of the reasons why you may wish to schedule a consultation with Amcu TelePsych:

– Having any thoughts, emotions, or behaviors that are out of control, especially if they are affecting your relationships with your friends, family, spouse, etc.
– Struggling to deal with life’s challenges like a major illness, loss of a loved one, divorce, or even job loss or issues.
– Using alcohol and drugs to the point it’s beginning to interfere with your health, emotions, relationships, job, and your ability to function and complete day-to-day tasks.
– Feeling confused, fraught with emotions, and wanting the unbiased perspective of someone trained to help.
– Feeling like life is not worth living for, feeling hopeless, or that life is a unpleasant struggle.

Asking for help can be a difficult first step towards a better life. We are here to help support you and make you feel better. We serve patients from Bakersfield CA, Los Angeles CA, Santa Barbara CA, Maricopa CA, Shafter CA, Palmdale CA, Santa Clarita CA, Lancaster CA, Visalia CA and are licensed in California, Texas, Arizona and New York.